I was Born on August 10th 1974, Grew up in several places across Canada, favorite place being Vancouver B.C.

Graduated from highschool in 1993,
I currently live in Waterloo, Ontario with my Husband and Two kittens (bella and edward) and our shiz-tzu Misha.
Currently work in Guelph Ontario at Projoy Sportswear, and work in the Sublimation dept as well as marker making.
  I have done some sewing in  school as well as watched my mom through the years making different things and have learn some sewing techniques that way, But my love of Sewing Flourished in 2005 when My husband and i decided to pick up a pattern for teddybear and thought we could try it and it work out really well i have been sewing ever since, although i have blossomed into different things such as scarves and doggy bandanas my love will always be the bears.
   Along with my Mom Susan and my Husband Greg we have made several bears for the Toronto Sick Kids hospital, on occasion we see them on the tv in the campaign telecasts.

 I am hopeing that by expanding my sewing skills, that i can hopefully one day own my own business and open a little craft store
As Most of you are aware I like to do alot of work with different charity ribbons My latest scarf is for Autism, I also do Breast cancer, Prostate Cancer and would like to do several more, such as Hiv/Aids awareness, Violence aginst Women, and children. Although i have no personal ties to these Causes i am a big supporter and I believe that one day there will be a cure.
Bella                                                   Edward                              Misha