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Breast Cancer
Why not dress your doggy up with my newest doggy bandanas
Chihuahua, Now
available in Pink and Purple
Molly She is by far the best model  so  far , thanks kinga for letting me post this xo
Black polyester scarf with a Embroidered horse  and white fringe.
Three Little bears, sporting Crochet scarves
A Marilyn Monroe Scarf . Image is printed on transfer paper then ironed onto scarf.
Chihuahua's Currently available in Purple, Pink and Blue. Other colours available by request.
Chihuahuas are made to order. Item will ship within 5 business day after payment received.
Please Note that Chihuahuas are made in 3
seperate pieces and are held together by Hot
hot glue, if bought for children please let me know and i can baste the pieces together. Thanks.